Welcome to Allen Family Fudge

Allen Family Fudge makes the "World's Finest Fudge" and we make it easy for you to order fudge online. We don't have to tell you that life can be stressful. Your life is filled with schedules, demands, and deadlines. But it's important to be sure to fill each day with comfort, enjoyment, and satisfaction too.

As we say at Allen Family Fudge, "Life is stressful - slice yourself some fudge." When you want to give yourself a treat, nothing quite compares with the comfort and pleasure of fudge. The rich decadence, the chocolaty goodness, the creamy sweetness. Sometimes you just want to take time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life and do something you want to do, not something you have to do. Slice yourself a little fudge, sit back - and enjoy.

Allen Family Fudge makes it easy to order fudge online.  Our mail order fudge is shipped direct to your home. In fact, we make our fudge daily, so when your online fudge order is placed you know your fudge   is going to arrive in the mail as fresh as possible.

 21 Fabulous Flavors in our Online Fudge Store

At Allen Family Fudge, we not only bring you the world's finest fudge, we also make getting our fudge convenient for you.  Just head over to our online fudge store and make your selection from our 21 fabulous fudge flavors.  Order online from the comfort of your own home, and we will deliver it to your door. Or join our Fudge Club to receive exclusive flavors of our mail order fudge at your choice of  3, 6, 9, or 12 times per year.